March 11, 2021 Athletes, Racing

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MX2 – Sam Gaynor

Favorite Track – In Canada, My favorite track would have to be Motopark or Wildrose. In the USA it would be Club MX or Monster Mountain.

Race class for 2021 – MX2

Bike of choice for 2021 – GASGAS MC 250F

Favorite race foods – The night before I like to have steak and potatoes, Morning of the race I like to have oatmeal, eggs and bacon. Between moto’s I have peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches.

What do you do outside of racing – My favorite thing to do outside of racing is hiking, fishing, spending time with my family. I also frame houses in the off season which I really enjoy, I have learned lots while framing and it helps clear my mind.

Inspirational person or people – Number one would be my Dad, he has taught me many values about life and the proper way to treat people and handle situations. On a professional side Ken Roczen has to be a inspiration to a lot of people as he has come from the lowest of lows and come back to be a title contender. He is a prime example of what hard work and dedication to show it can overcome any external or internal pain.

What are your goals for 2021 season in MX2 – Consistently race with the front pack and get podiums

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MX 1 Logan Leitzel

Favorite Track – In Canada it is Sand Del Lee, but back home in the states, any East coast track with rutted soft dirt gets me amped

Race class for 2021 – MX1

Bike of choice for 2021 – GASGAS MC 450F

Favorite race foods – I love a good steak with Caesar Salad. I’m not a big eater on race days, so I usually just snake on some fruit throughout the day.

What do you do outside of racing – I’m a big geek, so anything to do with computers, you’ll find me there and if I’m not, I’m playing tennis or out on my bicycle.

Inspirational person or people – I’m not real big into inspiration or motivation speeches. Just put the work in and don’t have excuses if you suck, but if I had to pick someone I’d pick Cooper Webb.

What are your goals for 2021 season in MX1 – To build and get better each week, I know I have the speed, its just putting it all together.

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