Walton Final, RD 8

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TLD GasGas SSR Wraps Up the Outdoor Season on a High Note
Press Release

TLD GasGas SSR attended Walton Raceway for the 2021 Walton Trans Can this past week as well as the final round of the TripleCrown MX series. With an event that means so much to every racer in Canada, riders Sam Gaynor and Ryan Derry decided to go back to their roots and participate in all that the 2021 Trans Can had to offer. MX2 rider Sam Gaynor would race the Pro/Am class on the TLD GasGas SSR MC250F and Two Stroke on the MC125. MX1 rider Ryan Derry would also race the Pro/Am class on his MC450F.

Walton Trans Can

Two Stroke:

Throughout the week TLD GasGas Rider, Sam Gaynor, would line up for all 3 motos in the Two Stroke class at Walton Trans Can. With an extreme storm happening Tuesday night and Wednesday being Sam’s first moto, he started preparing for a mudder. With the two stroke class being the first moto of the day on the sloppy, wet, and muddy Walton track, Sam knew he was up for a challenge. Screaming the MC125, Sam would battle the elements to a 1st place finish. The next two Moto’s, Gaynor would show off some amazing race craft and line choices to pull off another 2 moto wins.

TLD GasGas SSR Rider Sam Gaynor would go 1-1-1 throughout the week to become the 2021 Walton Trans Can Two Stroke Champion. Congratulations Sam, you earned that one!


The Pro/Am class at the 2021 Trans Can would see many of the same names that Ryan Derry and Sam Gaynor battle with during the TripleCrown Series. This was a great way to prepare for the weekend and get some extra track time.

Moto 1:
Moto 1 would see Gaynor get off to a solid 4th place start while Ryan Derry followed close behind in 6th. Derry, still dealing from some nagging pains from Deschambault, would fall back to a 15th place finish. Sam Gaynor would show some good speed and cross the checkers in 5th place.

Moto 2:
Moto 2 would see Gaynor get off to another good start in 6th. He would ride very consistently and made a pass into 5th, where he would finish off the Moto. Ryan Derry would get off to another decent start in 8th. Derry would continue pushing but eventually fell back to 11th late in the moto.

Moto 3:
For the final Pro/Am moto Ryan Derry would once again get another start within the top 10. Riding a consistent and hard Moto through his nagging injuries, Derry would cross the checkers about where he started in 10th. TLD GasGas SSR rider Sam Gaynor would get off to an awesome start in 2nd place behind Red Bull KTM rider Cole Thompson. Thompson on a 450, started to pull from Gaynor on the MC250. Gaynor would continue to ride incredibly well to a 2nd place finish in moto 2. Sam would go 5-4-2 for 2nd overall in Pro/Am. Derry would go 16-11-10 for 12th.

TLD GasGas SSR Wraps Up the Outdoor Season on a High Note
Press Release

Walton Round 8:

As the amazing week of Walton Trans Can came to an end on Saturday, the whole team was ready to go again Sunday morning for the final round of the TripleCrown MX Series. Knowing his fitness is very strong, MX2 rider Sam Gaynor decided to race 2 classes on pro day. Sam would line up for the Premix class on the MC125 and 250 pro on the MC250F

Premix: #28 Sam Gaynor

Sam would ride extremely well in both premix motos while battling with both Drew Roberts and Dylan Kaelin. The premix class on Saturday produced some amazing racing for the fans in attendance at Walton Raceway. Sam would go 1-1 in very consistent fashion to a 1st overall on the day in the Premix class. It was great to see Sam up on the podium so many times this week.

MX2: #28 Sam Gaynor

Moto 1:

Moto 1 would see Gaynor get off to a good start in 8th position. Sam would charge his way up to 4th position by lap 6. As Gaynor sat in 6th, Ryder Mcnabb was making a charge from the back. Mcnabb would close the gap on Gaynor. Gaynor wasn’t going to make it easy for the GDR Honda rider and the two would battle for the next 3 laps. Mcnabb would end up making the pass on Gaynor on lap 9. Sam would continue to push and finished the moto in 5th position.

Moto 2:

After already racing 3 motos earlier in the day TLD GasGas rider Sam Gaynor was more than ready to race another. Moto 2 would see Gaynor get off to a rough start in 9th. With Gaynor’s aggressive and smart riding he would make some hard fought passes to put himself into 6th. Gaynor and Tanner Ward would battle on from there to the checkers. Gaynor would finish the moto in 6th. Sam would go 5-6 for 5th overall at Round 8 of the TripleCrown Series MX Tour and 7th overall in points.

MX1: #26 Ryan Derry

Moto 1:

Moto 1 would see TLD GasGas SSR MX1 rider Ryan Derry get off to an 8th position start. By mid moto Derry sat in 10th. Due to a slight incident, he would unfortunately give up a few positions on the final lap of the moto to cross the checkers in 13th.

Moto 2:

The MC450F TLD GasGas SSR pilot would get off to a good start in 9th position. Derry would ride very well putting in some very consistent and fast laps. Derry would finish the moto where he started in 9th position. A job well done for the #26. Ryan Derry would go 13-9 for 10th overall at Round 8 and 12th in the MX Tour points.

TLD GasGas SSR Wraps Up the Outdoor Season on a High Note
Press Release

TLD GasGas SSR would like to thank everyone involved for an amazing first MX season. Without our amazing team and sponsors none of this would be possible. We are more than excited to keep on building and getting better each season.

TLD GasGas SSR will now begin testing for the TripleCrown SX tour that kicks off in a couple weeks at Gopher Dunes. We look forward to seeing you at the tents!

MX Tour Overall Results

250                                             450
1. Jacob Piccolo                       1. Dylan Wright
2. Darian Sanayei                   2. Marshal Weltin
3. Ryder Mcnabb                    3. Jess Pettis
4. Tanner Ward                      4. Cole Thompson
5. Marco Cannella                  5. Tyler Medaglia
7. Sam Gaynor                   12. Ryan Derry