Triple Crown Series Motocross Rounds 1 and 2 from Walton Raceway

July 21, 2021 Racing, Uncategorized

TLD GasGas SSR First National Is In The Books
Press Release

This past weekend marked the first ever Canadian National Motocross race for the newly formed
TLD GasGas SSR team taking place at Walton #1 which included rounds 1&2 of the Triple Crown
MX Series. With a Brand new team in the pits it was definitely exciting to get back racing. The
team worked hard all weekend and is eager to produce some solid results throughout the
remainder of the Triple Crown Series.

2021 Jetwerx MX Series
Walton 2
Walton Raceway
July 5, 2021

Round #1
Moto 1 saw the MX2 TLD GasGas SSR rider Sam Gaynor with a rough start in the back of the pack. Riding
aggressively, Gaynor put in an early moto charge and worked his way back up towards the front. Gaynor
would make up 20 positions to put himself just outside the top 10 for an 1tth place finish at the checkers.
Moto 2 saw Gaynor put in a consistent ride where he finished 12th. With 11-12 moto scores Gaynor took
10th overall on the day.

In the MX1 Class TLD GasGas SSR rider Logan Leitzel also put in a set of consistent motos where he
would finish 12th overall on the day with 11-12 moto scores. Moto 1 saw Leitzel with a good start within
the top 10 where he put in some solid laps around Walton Raceway. Leitzel would put in some solid laps
where he would eventually finish out the moto in 11th. Moto 2 saw Leitzel get a rough start but quickly
gained some important positions to put himself into 12th where he would ride out the rest of the moto
trying to finish inside the top 10.

Round #2
The 3 15 Minute format seen at round #2 of the Triple Crown MX Series made for an interesting day of
Sam Gaynor put in 3 solid and aggressive motos, going 6-11-9 for 9th overall on the day. All 3 motos Sam
finished about where he started which was a common occurrence for most riders given the 15 minute
motos. Logan Leitzel would finish the day 12th overall with 11-14-11 moto scores of the day.
The team worked extremely hard and is very proud to kick off the 2021 outdoor season. TLD GasGas SSR
will be at Gopher Dunes next weekend for Rounds 3&4 of the Triple Crown MX Series where we look
forward to continuing to make progress and put in some solid results. TLD GasGas SSR First National Is In The Books
Press Release
Walton 1

Round #1
1. Tanner Ward                           1. Dylan Wright
2. Marco Cannella                      2. Jess Pettis
3. Jake Piccolo                            3. Marshal Weltin
4. Ryder Mcnabb                        4. Cole Thompson
5. Darian Sanayei                       5. Shawn Maffenbeier
10. Sam Gaynor                         12. Logan Leitzel

Round #2
1. Tanner Ward                            1. Jess Pettis
2. Ryder Mcnabb                         2. Cole Thompson
3. Jake Piccolo                             3. Dylan Wright
4. Darian Sanayei                        4. Marshal Weltin
5. Quinn Amotte                          5. Tyler Medaglia
9. Sam Gaynor                             12. Logan Leitzel

Triple Crown Series MX Tour
1. Tanner Ward                             1. Jess Pettis
2. Jake Piccolo                              2. Dylan Wright
3. Ryder Mcnabb                          3. Cole Thompson
4. Darian Sanayei                         4. Marshall Weltin
5. Marco Cannella                        5. Tyler Medaglia
6. Julian Benek                             6. Tim Tremblay
7. Daniel Elmore                          7. Shawn Maffenbeier
8. Quinn Amoyotte                      8. Keylan Meston
9. Sam Gaynor                              9. Liam O’farrell
10. Jeremy Mckie                        10. Ty Shemko
12. Logan Leitzel


2021 Jetwerx MX Series
Walton 1
Walton Raceway
July 2, 2021