Sand Del Lee Rd 5

July 21, 2021 Racing, Uncategorized

TLD GasGas SSR Leaves Sand Del Lee With More in the Tank
Press Release

With some recent changes made to the rider lineup of the newly formed TLD GasGas SSR team, everyone was excited to get to Sand Del Lee for Round 5 of the Triple Crown Series. With Round 5 being a traditional 1 day, 2 moto format, the boys were ready to put in some strong motos and solid results. Teammates Sam Gaynor #28 and Ryan Derry #26 worked together throughout the week in order to come into round #5 feeling confident, strong, and ready for the weekend.


Moto 1:
Moto 1 saw the #28 of Sam Gaynor get off to a rough start as the gates dropped. While pushing to gain positions Gaynor would unfortunately have a small crash on the second lap. After getting back on the bike Sam was sitting in 21st position. The #28 would then put his head down and push to make up some positions. By lap 5 Sam had made up 7 positions to put himself into 14th. Putting in faster and more consistent lap times then those ahead of him, Sam was able to make up another position and finish the moto in 13th. Overall a good ride from the #28 to make up 8 positions after an early moto crash.

Moto 2:
Moto 2 would see Gaynor ride a very consistent moto. With a 7th place start Sam would quickly get up to 6th position. On lap 6, Gaynor would fall back into 7th position after Tanner Ward made a pass on the #28. Sam would continue to push throughout the rest of the moto where he would get back into 6th position and hold on to the checkers.

With the all new TLD GasGas SSR MX1 rider, Ryan Derry, both Ryan and the entire team was excited to get Racing at Sand Del Lee. Ryan looked very comfortable on the bike all day and his results show for that!

Moto 1:
Moto 1 would see Derry get off to a rough start; however he battled his way into 12th position where he would ride out the moto very consistently. Everyone on the team was very impressed with the consistency showed by the #26 during his first moto on the TLD GasGas SSR MC450F.

Moto 2:
Moto 2 would see Derry get off to a great start rounding the first few corners in 7th position. Derry would ultimately end up giving a few positions away where he would settle into 10th. On lap 7 he would lose another position where he sat in 11th. Derry’s fitness paid off as he charged to reclaim 10th position by lap 8. A small crash near the end of the moto put Derry in a position where he had to charge to ensure he didn’t lose any time to the racers behind him.

TLD GasGas SSR Leaves Sand Del Lee With More in the Tank
Press Release

Derry, would ultimately ride out the rest of the moto to a 10th place finish at the checkers, a career best for the #26.

Everyone at the TLD GasGas SSR team would like to extend a congratulations to Ryan and can’t wait to see him continue to push throughout the rest of the season and continue to produce great results.


Round #5

MX2                                                 MX1
1. Ryder Mcnabb                  1. Jess Pettis
2. Jake Piccolo                     2. Dylan Wright
3. Darian Sanayei                3. Marshal Weltin
4. Tanner Ward                   4. Cole Thompson
5. Sebastian Racine            5. Shawn Maffenbeier
10. Sam Gaynor             10. Ryan Derry



Triple Crown Series MX Tour

MX2                                                   MX1

1. Ryder Mcnabb                       1. Dylan Wright
2. Jacob Piccollo                       2. Jess Pettis
3. Tanner Ward                        3. Marshal Weltin
4. Darian Sanayei                    4. Cole Thompson
5. Marco Cannella                   5. Shawn Maffenbeier
8. Sam Gaynor                    11. Ryan Derry