Gopher Dunes SX 1-2

September 14, 2021 Racing, Uncategorized

TLD GasGas SSR Begins SX Tour at Gopher Dunes
Press Release

This past weekend TLD GasGas SSR attended Rounds 1&2 of the Triple Crown Series SX Tour at Gopher Dunes. With some very intense heat all weekend long it made for some tiring days for the team but everyone did their part to push through the heat. TLD GasGas SSR Riders Sam Gaynor and Ryan Derry had been training on some supercross tracks for the last couple weeks and came in as prepared as time allowed. With an impressive track build from Jetwerx and Gopher Dunes it was clear that the
weekend was going to produce some great racing.

250 Pro

TLD GasGas SSR rider Sam Gaynor would put in some in some consistent lap times during practice and qualifying. Taking his time to learn the track and looking for the best line choices, Gaynor would qualify in 12th position with lap times very close to the leaders.

Heat one would see Gaynor receive the green flag in 9th position. By lap 4 Gaynor would lose a couple spots where he sat in 11th. Pushing and flowing on his MC250F, Sam would put in some extremely consistent and clean laps where he was able to put himself back into 9th by lap 10. Gaynor would cross the checkers in 9th for heat #1.

Heat two would see Gaynor get off to another 9th place start. Gaynor would once again stay very consistent throughout the moto and finish in 9th. Sam would go 9-9 for 9th overall for Round 1 of the SX Tour.

450 Pro

The #26 of Ryan Derry would go out for practise and unfortunately tweak his back, bringing back the injuries sustained earlier this year during the MX Tour. Derry, a rider that thrives on the physical struggles that comes with being a professional racer went out and qualified in 9th position. Although dealing with the nagging pains, Derry looked very comfortable on the bike and put in some good laps before lining up for heat #1.

Heat #1 would see Derry with an 11th place start where he would push and maintain that position for 9 laps. By lap 10 Derry would move up to 10th position. With more in the tank, Derry kept charging and would gain another position and finish off the heat strong in 9th.

Heat #2 would see the GasGas MC450F pilot get off to a good start where he sat in 7th position after 2 laps. While pushing through the pain Derry would lose a few spots in the next couple laps where he ended up in 10th. Putting in fast and clean laps, Derry would charge throughout the whole race. By lap 13, Ryan pushed to make a late race pass on Ethan Ouellette for a 9th place finish at the checkers. Derry would go 9-9 for 10th overall at round #1.

The TLD GasGas 450 Pro rider of Ryan Derry would continue to show the same consistency at Round 2 with 9-8 moto scores and 8th overall on the day.

SX Tour Overall Results

250                                                         450
1. Marco Cannella                                1. Cole Thompson
2. Jacob Piccolo                                   2. Marshal Weltin
3. Darian Sanayei                                3. Casey Keast
4. Tyler Gibbs                                      4. Westen Wrozyna
5. Tanner Ward                                   5. Davey Fraser
12. Sam Gaynor                             9. Ryan Derry