Gopher Dunes Rounds 3 & 4

July 21, 2021 Racing

TLD GasGas SSR Wraps Up Rounds 3&4 at The Dunes

Press Release


Going into rounds 3 and 4 of the Triple Crown MX Series at Gopher Dunes, the boys knew they were in for a long weekend. The team worked hard all weekend long to make sure the boys could handle the tough Gopher Dunes track. TLD GasGas SSR Riders Sam Gaynor and Logan Leitzel put in their best effort to put in some hard fought motos at The Dunes

Sam Gaynor #28 – MX2


Round 1.

In the MX2 class, Sam Gaynor, would put in a great ride where he that he belongs in the top 5. The moto would see Gaynor get off to a rough start, Immediately he would start to make multiple passes to get himself into 12th position after the first lap. By lap 8 Gaynor would reel in 4 riders to put himself within the top 10 where he sat in 8th position. Pushing the TLD GasGas SSR MC250F Sam was able to battle his way into 5th position, where he would finish at the checkers.


Round 2.

With very poor weather for round 4 it was going to be a long and hard day for the #28. Sam would battle the extremely rough Gopher Dunes to produce some pretty solid moto results. With the constant rain combines with the track being left mostly ungroomed from Round 3, Sam along with every other rider on the gate was in for an extremely tiring and brutal day. Moto 1 would see Gaynor ride a very consistent race. With a start just outside the top 10, Gaynor would make some quick passes early on to position himself into 8th. Gaynor then set his eyes on the #29 of Hayden Halstead. After making the pass on the Yamaha, Gaynor would ride out the rest of the moto to a 7th place finish at the checkers. Moto 2 would see Sam continue push his MC250F hard on the rough track. Although he gained and lost positions throughout the second moto, Gaynor, would continue to charge to finish in 9th Position. Sam would go 7-9 and 9th overall on the day.


Logan Leitzel #20 – MX1

Round 1:

Going into round 1 the #20 of Logan Leitzel was prepared to give his all and put in a solid result at the Dunes. Saturday’s Moto would see Leitzel get off to a rough start where he would sit in 23rd position after the first lap. Charging on his MC450F, Leitzel would make some passes where he would position himself in 14th for most of the moto. On lap 15 he would make the pass for 13th where he would ride out the rest of the moto.

Round 2:

Feeling some discomfort with his body combined with a nagging injury Leitzel would continue to line up for Moto 1 at Gopher Dunes for round 4. Moto 1 saw Leitzel with some solid laps sitting around 10th position. As the Moto continued, Leitzel started feeling extreme discomfort with his body where he would end up fading back to 22nd. Concerned for his health, Leitzel would pull off after lap 13 due to intense pain. Logan would not line up for the 2nd moto as his body would not be prepared to put itself through the abuse.

The TLD GasGas SSR MX1 rider has decided to take the time to get his body and health looked at before continuing the 2021 Triple Crown Series.


We at TLD GasGas SSR, agree with Logan that health and ensuring his body is at 100% is a necessity before racing again. This sport is extremely physically and mentally demanding and one must be 100% healthy before getting back behind the gate. We wish Logan the absolute best as he gets himself stronger and fully prepared to race again.

Round #1

MX2                                                       MX1

  1. Ryder Mcnabb                                                1. Marshal Weltin
  2. Jake Piccolo                                                    2. Dylan Wright
  3. Tanner Ward                                                  3. Jess Pettis
  4. Darian Sanayei                                              4. Cole Thompson
  5. Sam Gaynor                                                5. Shawn Maffenbeier                                                                   
  6.                                                                       6. Logan Leitzel


Round #2

MX2                                                       MX1

  1. Jake Piccollo                                             1. Dylan Wright
  2. Marco Cannella                                        2. Jess Pettis
  3. Darian Sanayei                                         3. Marshal Welstin
  4. Tanner Ward                                            4. Shawn Maffenbeier
  5. Ryder Mcnabb                                          5. Cole Thompson
  6. Sam Gaynor

Triple Crown Series MX Tour


MX2                                                       MX1


  1. Jake Piccollo                           1. Dylan
  2. Tanner Ward                          2. Jess Pettis
  3. Ryder Mcnabb                       3. Marshal Weltin
  4. Darian Sanayei                      4. Cole Thompson
  5. Marco Cannella                     5. Shawn Maffenbeier
  6. Sam Gaynor                     11. Logan Leitzel