Deschambault RD 6-7

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TLD GasGas SSR Continues to Make Progress This Weekend at Deschambault

Press Release

This past weekend marked rounds 6 & 7 of the Canadian TripleCrown MX Series hosted in Deschambault, QC. With a return to the 2 day format the entire team was ready for a weekend of hard work. With spectators allowed back at the Nationals, the Quebec track saw countless passionate fans wondering the pits and hanging over the fences cheering on their favorite riders. With an awesome but challenging track the boys knew they had some work to do and put their heads down as it came time to go racing.

Round 6:

MX2: Sam Gaynor

Moto 1: TLD GasGas SSR MX2 rider Sam Gaynor came into round 1 with confidence and ready to put in some results. Round 6 was a traditional 2 moto format. Moto 1 would see Gaynor with a rough start sitting in 24th position as the green flag came out. By lap 2 Gaynor would make up 12 positions to put himself into 12th. For the next 3 laps Sam would put his head down to make a pass on Davey Fraser which put himself into 10th position. Gaynor would ride out the rest of the moto in consistent fashion to a 10th place finish at the checkers.

Moto 2: Moto 2 would see Gaynors front wheel get taken out by another rider in the first corner which resulted in 29th position start. Gaynor would quickly put himself into 20th after lap 2. Mid moto Sam would have an unfortunate incident where he came too close to a track marker and would ultimately injure his hand badly. Gaynor would continue to push, putting in faster and faster lap times to make up 7 positions by lap 10, which put him into 13th. On lap 11 Jeremy Mckie would make a pass on Gaynor, however, Gaynor quickly reeled Mckie back in and finished the moto in 13th position.

Sam would take the time to ice his hand to ensure that he was in good shape to ride the next day for Round 7.

MX1: Ryan Derry

TLD GasGas SSR MX1 rider Ryan Derry would put in a solid qualifying session until
unfortunately clipping a hay bail/track marker and injuring his shoulder. Derry, would
push through the pain and still line up and race both motos for round 6.

Moto 1 would see Derry get off to a 12th place start and move his way into 10th after a couple laps. Derry would drop back two positions and back in to 12th where he would ride out the rest of the moto very consistently.

Moto 2 would see Derry get off to a 7th position start. Dealing with the pain Derry continued to push but fell back to 16th by lap 10. Derry would finish off the moto in 16th.

Ryan would take the time to properly rest and do what he could to heal his shoulder from the incident during qualifying.

Round 7:

With a 1 moto format for Round 7 of the TripleCrown MX Series the team was in for a quick but busy day. With both Ryan and Sam dealing with some nagging pains both guys took the time to heal up and get ready to line up for their motos on Monday.


TLD GasGas SSR rider Sam Gaynor would get off to a good start where he sat within the top 10. Gaynor would put in some consistent laps and continued to push towards a top 10 finish. Although looking good and charging around the Deschambault track, Gaynor’s hand would start to cause him some issues. Continuing to put in some hard
laps, Gaynor would end up crossing the checkers in 11th position.

Sam has let us know that his hand is not broken, which was the initial thought while lining up on Monday. He will take the time to properly heal his injury and come back for Walton Trans Can next week as well as the final round of the TripleCrown MX tour at Walton.

TLD GasGas SSR Continues to Make Progress This Weekend at Deschambault
Press Release


As the gate dropped for the final moto of the day Derry would avoid a big first turn pile up and get off to another good start sitting in 7th position. Pushing with his hurt shoulder, Derry would end losing a couple positions by lap 4 putting himself in 9th. Derry would end up making his way back into 8th position. Pushing his MC450F each lap, Ryan would demonstrate some impressive riding to an 8th overall finish on the day. This would check off another career best overall for the TLD GasGas SSR rider. Congratulations once again, Ryan, the effort put in by the #26 given the condition his body was very impressive.

Next Stop is Round 8, the final round of the TripleCrown MX Series at Walton Raceway on August 15th. With Spectators allowed back at the races we’d love to see you there. Stop on by for a signed poster and check out the awesome 2021 Troy Lee Designs helmet lineup!


Round #6
MX2                                              MX1
1. Jake Piccolo                            1. Jess Pettis
2. Darian Sanayei                      2. Tyler Medaglia
3. Tanner Ward                         3. Marshal Weltin
4. Ryder Mcnabb                      4. Dylan Wright
5. Marco Cannella                    5. Shawn Maffenbeier
12. Sam Gaynor (10-13)           14. Ryan Derry (11-16)

Round #7
MX2                                               MX1
1. Darian Sanayei                        1. Dylan Wright
2. Ryder Mcnabb                        2. Marshal Weltin
3. Tanner Wardi                         3. Tyler Medaglia
4. Marco Cannella                      4. Cole Thompson
5. Julien Benek                           5. Parker Eales
11. Sam Gaynor                      8. Ryan Derry

Triple Crown Series MX Tour
MX2                                            MX1

1. Jake Piccolo                           1. Dylan Wright
2. Ryder Mcnabb                      2. Jess Pettis
3. Darian Sanayei                     3. Marshal Weltin
4. Tanner Ward                        4. Cole Thompson
5. Marco Cannella                    5. Tyler Medaglia
7. Sam Gaynor                          12. Ryan Derry